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Business Ideas for Using Google+ Hangouts

Once you have learned the ropes, running a Google+ Hangout on Air is not that difficult. It can actually be a ton of fun and Hangouts allow you to get really creative. If you have any type of creative streak in you, you are just going to love using them for your business.

One aspect of Hangouts on Air is that they can be run as a live event. In fact you can create an Event inside your Google+ account and promote it as a Hangout on Air. While you can only have 10 people on a Hangout you can invite a lot more to view live on YouTube.

This live aspect is perfect for several business applications including:

  • Concerts
  • Cooking shows
  • Product demonstrations
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Interviews
  • Press Releases

Adding in that ‘live’ aspect really allows your audience to be interactive and can really increase the number of people who attend your Hangout. This has been done successfully by many large corporations and singers. Taylor Swift held a live press release conference via a Hangout with great success.

The above list should provide you with a number of great ideas that you could incorporate into your business. Brick and mortar businesses can use this to showcase their products with How To type Hangouts. Can you image a DIY store creating tutorials on how to cut your ceramic tile or how to fix a leaky toilet?
As well as providing instruction you can recommend tools and other items from your store. This is a great way to help your customers and a way to pre-sell them.

Think about how you could incorporate this for a new product release. You could preview it in a Hangout and even offer discount coupons for people who place an order early. Then you could invite your local reporter and do a local press release or interview with them.

The ideas for using Hangouts on Air are almost endless. The more you use them the more ideas you are likely to generate.

Other ideas include things like staff meetings, sales team meet ups, connecting with a satellite office, talking with potential employees or using for customer service and technical support.

Incorporating your customers and clients into your business is the perfect way to brand your business and get your business name out in the community.

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