If you already market your business with videos then you know how important it is to make use of mobile devices. A relatively new player to the video scene is Google+ Hangouts on Air. Harnessing traffic from YouTube can really help your business sky rocket.

When Google introduced their Google+ site they wanted to get a foothold in the already booming social media arena. By introducing Hangouts on Air Google has improved this foothold and is making great use of YouTube.
For those of you who aren’t sure what a Hangout on Air is, it is best described as a video conferencing method. Similar to a webinar but without the costs involved.

In order to use Hangouts you need to have a Google account. You can simply create a Gmail account or sign up for Google+, this way you will have the best of both worlds.

Hangouts on Air allow up to 10 people to participate live during the event. So you can invite 9 guests to participate. You don’t have to invite guests and can run a solo Hangout and use it as a tutorial or review video.

Once your Hangout is finished it automatically gets uploaded to your YouTube account. This relieves any headaches for people concerned with how to get a video on to YouTube in the first place.

In order for this to happen your Google+ and YouTube account are synched when you first try to start a Hangout. This is a very simple process and takes only a few minutes to complete.

While Hangouts on Air are well known for being used as live or streaming events, you don’t have to hold the event live. You can run your Hangout with your guests and then publicize your URL afterwards. This allows you to edit your video if necessary and add opening and closing credits if you wish.

Many companies are jumping on board with using Hangouts as a promotional method. Hangouts can be used to run promotions, showcase your products and services and even to host your customer service department.
Remember too that you always want to embed your video URL into your website for additional SEO benefits. Inside YouTube you can create various Playlists to keep your Hangouts organized.

There are plenty of benefits for adding Hangouts into your marketing efforts, if you haven’t already started using them.

Once you have learned the ropes, running a Google+ Hangout on Air is not that difficult. It can actually be a ton of fun and Hangouts allow you to get really creative. If you have any type of creative streak in you, you are just going to love using them for your business.

One aspect of Hangouts on Air is that they can be run as a live event. In fact you can create an Event inside your Google+ account and promote it as a Hangout on Air. While you can only have 10 people on a Hangout you can invite a lot more to view live on YouTube.

This live aspect is perfect for several business applications including:

  • Concerts
  • Cooking shows
  • Product demonstrations
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Interviews
  • Press Releases

Adding in that ‘live’ aspect really allows your audience to be interactive and can really increase the number of people who attend your Hangout. This has been done successfully by many large corporations and singers. Taylor Swift held a live press release conference via a Hangout with great success.

The above list should provide you with a number of great ideas that you could incorporate into your business. Brick and mortar businesses can use this to showcase their products with How To type Hangouts. Can you image a DIY store creating tutorials on how to cut your ceramic tile or how to fix a leaky toilet?
As well as providing instruction you can recommend tools and other items from your store. This is a great way to help your customers and a way to pre-sell them.

Think about how you could incorporate this for a new product release. You could preview it in a Hangout and even offer discount coupons for people who place an order early. Then you could invite your local reporter and do a local press release or interview with them.

The ideas for using Hangouts on Air are almost endless. The more you use them the more ideas you are likely to generate.

Other ideas include things like staff meetings, sales team meet ups, connecting with a satellite office, talking with potential employees or using for customer service and technical support.

Incorporating your customers and clients into your business is the perfect way to brand your business and get your business name out in the community.

Did you know that you can announce your Event as a Hangout on Google+? This applies only to brand new Events which you create and not ones that you already have listed.

When setting up your Event you need to go into the Advanced settings and click the box that says make this a Hangout on Air. Simple enough and this now provides you with the opportunity to hold a Live Event.

After you have created your Event you want to actively promote it on your Google+ page as well as other social sites. This way you can create a buzz leading up to your event and attract more guests.

This method could be used effectively for many different aspects of your business. Why not use an Event on Google+ as a way to showcase your business by holding a fundraiser for a local charity or organization. This would be a great way to get your name well known in your local community.

Other ideas for using Events and Hangouts would be to create a weekly type of show. This would vary depending upon your business but could include things like:

  • Weekly cooking show
  • Weekly product reviews
  • Guest of the Week
  • Overview of what happened this week in your business
  • Weekly roundup of news on all your favorite social sites
  • Special offer of the week and more...

Really the ideas are almost limitless of how you can use Hangouts in your business. Think of ways you can highlight certain areas of your business including your products, your customer service and your tech support. Then see if you can highlight how these things are run in your business by using Events and Hangouts.

If you are still stuck with what type of Event to create then check out some of the past events that have happened in your stream. Don’t forget to use the Find More Events tab to see what events are coming up.
Many business owners like to create things like Awareness Days. If this is applicable to your business you could use upcoming awareness days to help brand your company. This method would work well for a health based company as you could help bring awareness to things like Breast cancer month and other health related days.

Using Events and Hangouts together can really help brand your business and bring potential new customers and clients to you. So what are you waiting for? Create an event today!

With so many businesses online today it is easy to not even know who is running the company. Let alone knowing what the business looks like or how your products are made or distributed.

If this applies to your business then why not open up your online business to the public by using Hangouts on Air? A Hangout is a way to connect with your customers regardless of their location. You can run your Hangout live or pre-record one and then share the link to it afterwards.

So how do you expose your business on a Hangout?

Well first of all you are going to conduct a tour of your business. Show customers and potential customers what you company looks like behind your website. What you are going to do is draw back your curtains and expose how you do things behind the scenes.

This is perfect for a product based business. You can show the manufacturing process, the packaging process and the shipping process of your products. Customers enjoy knowing how their product was made and delivered to them.

The major benefit of exposing your business is that you are putting a face to your business. Again customers love to know who is running the business behind their favorite products.

Using this technique can help boost your brand and your sales. Plus you are not hiding anything and customers will trust and like you even more.

You may even decide to do more than one Hangout behind the scenes of your company. You could run this as an open house event or for announcing a new product release.

If you decide to run a Hangout on Air then test your equipment ahead of time to ensure things run smoothly. You may even want to create an announcement slide that counts down the time until you draw back the curtains.

Not many companies are doing this at the moment so if you act quickly, you can be one of the first to run this type of Hangout. Expose your business and ‘show’ your customers what goes on behind the scenes.

By putting a face to your company you will be connecting in a new way with potential and current customers. You will build yourself a solid reputation and enhance your brand and your reliability tenfold.

Gmail has recently gone through many changes including changing the way their tabs displayed emails. Did you know that you can run a Hangout from within your Gmail account? Google Chat has disappeared and you can now replace this by making a video call or by having a group message chat.

To use your Gmail account for a Hangout you have to install a simple plugin. Just download it and follow the instructions. It is really easy and installs within minutes.

When you are ready to make a video call simply scroll down the left hand side of your account where your photo is. Next to that you will see a small movie camera icon. Click on that to start your video call.
When your plugin is activated and you are online you will notice that the icon turns green. Click on the drop down arrow to see all the available settings and options. To change any of these options just click on the tab and make the appropriate changes.

The nice thing about running a Message Hangout is that you can invite up to 100 people. With a Hangout on Air only 10 people can participate live, though you can invite more to watch the Hangout.

The good thing about starting your Hangout in Gmail is that your conversation will follow you across all of your devices. So if you are out when the Hangout starts you can join in on your iPhone or Android. Then when you get home you can switch to your computer, laptop or tablet without missing a beat.

With any type of change it does take a little getting used to. But when you see how easy and versatile Gmail and Google+ are you will be glad that you are using them.

Think about how easy it will be to quickly connect with a sales team member out in the field. Or you can call a staff meeting at any time, just by sending out invitations to your staff members on Gmail.

Many businesses are switching their email programs to Gmail because of all the new features and the functionality of it. Gmail makes it so easy to connect with all of your employees or colleagues regardless of their location. Plus with so many people telecommuting using Hangouts is a great way to stay connected to the office.

You have probably heard about Google+ Hangouts but are feeling a little intimidated on using them. Not to worry many people have the same fears and using Hangouts is not that difficult. The worst part is just getting started.

To get started with Google+ Hangouts you will want to create a Google+ account. This is quick and simple to use and if you have a Gmail account the same details and photo are used.

When you invite people to your Hangout they will receive an email notification that your Hangout is about to start. If they don’t have an account they will receive instructions on how to set one up.

There are several ways to hold a Hangout and one of the best ways is to start with a message Hangout. This can be done right inside your Gmail account and is the same has sharing text messages. The only difference is that you can invite up to 100 of your friends to your Hangout and you can all join in on the conversation.

Even if your guests aren’t able to attend your Hangout they can still join in the conversation at a later date. The great thing about Hangouts is that they are accessible on all platforms and that your conversation follows you. So if you start chatting on your iPhone and end up at home on your computer you can easily continue where you left off.

In order to use Hangouts from inside your Gmail account you will need to download and install a plugin. Just follow the directions and you are literally done within a couple of seconds. If you use Google Chrome then download the Google+ Hangouts extension.

After installation you will be directed to synch your Google+ account with your YouTube account, again a simple process. You need to complete this step so that your Hangouts on Air are automatically uploaded to your YouTube account.

This step eliminates the need for editing and adding a sound track to your videos and then manually uploading them to your YouTube account. Just make sure you add a good description to your video along with any relevant keywords. Depending on your purpose with your Hangout video you may want to create specific playlists for them.

Take the time today and learn just how to use Google+ Hangouts and you will be on your way to generating more exposure for your business.