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Events and Google+ Hangouts

Did you know that you can announce your Event as a Hangout on Google+? This applies only to brand new Events which you create and not ones that you already have listed.

When setting up your Event you need to go into the Advanced settings and click the box that says make this a Hangout on Air. Simple enough and this now provides you with the opportunity to hold a Live Event.

After you have created your Event you want to actively promote it on your Google+ page as well as other social sites. This way you can create a buzz leading up to your event and attract more guests.

This method could be used effectively for many different aspects of your business. Why not use an Event on Google+ as a way to showcase your business by holding a fundraiser for a local charity or organization. This would be a great way to get your name well known in your local community.

Other ideas for using Events and Hangouts would be to create a weekly type of show. This would vary depending upon your business but could include things like:

  • Weekly cooking show
  • Weekly product reviews
  • Guest of the Week
  • Overview of what happened this week in your business
  • Weekly roundup of news on all your favorite social sites
  • Special offer of the week and more...

Really the ideas are almost limitless of how you can use Hangouts in your business. Think of ways you can highlight certain areas of your business including your products, your customer service and your tech support. Then see if you can highlight how these things are run in your business by using Events and Hangouts.

If you are still stuck with what type of Event to create then check out some of the past events that have happened in your stream. Don’t forget to use the Find More Events tab to see what events are coming up.
Many business owners like to create things like Awareness Days. If this is applicable to your business you could use upcoming awareness days to help brand your company. This method would work well for a health based company as you could help bring awareness to things like Breast cancer month and other health related days.

Using Events and Hangouts together can really help brand your business and bring potential new customers and clients to you. So what are you waiting for? Create an event today!

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