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Exposing Your Business with a Hangout

With so many businesses online today it is easy to not even know who is running the company. Let alone knowing what the business looks like or how your products are made or distributed.

If this applies to your business then why not open up your online business to the public by using Hangouts on Air? A Hangout is a way to connect with your customers regardless of their location. You can run your Hangout live or pre-record one and then share the link to it afterwards.

So how do you expose your business on a Hangout?

Well first of all you are going to conduct a tour of your business. Show customers and potential customers what you company looks like behind your website. What you are going to do is draw back your curtains and expose how you do things behind the scenes.

This is perfect for a product based business. You can show the manufacturing process, the packaging process and the shipping process of your products. Customers enjoy knowing how their product was made and delivered to them.

The major benefit of exposing your business is that you are putting a face to your business. Again customers love to know who is running the business behind their favorite products.

Using this technique can help boost your brand and your sales. Plus you are not hiding anything and customers will trust and like you even more.

You may even decide to do more than one Hangout behind the scenes of your company. You could run this as an open house event or for announcing a new product release.

If you decide to run a Hangout on Air then test your equipment ahead of time to ensure things run smoothly. You may even want to create an announcement slide that counts down the time until you draw back the curtains.

Not many companies are doing this at the moment so if you act quickly, you can be one of the first to run this type of Hangout. Expose your business and ‘show’ your customers what goes on behind the scenes.

By putting a face to your company you will be connecting in a new way with potential and current customers. You will build yourself a solid reputation and enhance your brand and your reliability tenfold.

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