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Gmail and Hangouts

Gmail has recently gone through many changes including changing the way their tabs displayed emails. Did you know that you can run a Hangout from within your Gmail account? Google Chat has disappeared and you can now replace this by making a video call or by having a group message chat.

To use your Gmail account for a Hangout you have to install a simple plugin. Just download it and follow the instructions. It is really easy and installs within minutes.

When you are ready to make a video call simply scroll down the left hand side of your account where your photo is. Next to that you will see a small movie camera icon. Click on that to start your video call.
When your plugin is activated and you are online you will notice that the icon turns green. Click on the drop down arrow to see all the available settings and options. To change any of these options just click on the tab and make the appropriate changes.

The nice thing about running a Message Hangout is that you can invite up to 100 people. With a Hangout on Air only 10 people can participate live, though you can invite more to watch the Hangout.

The good thing about starting your Hangout in Gmail is that your conversation will follow you across all of your devices. So if you are out when the Hangout starts you can join in on your iPhone or Android. Then when you get home you can switch to your computer, laptop or tablet without missing a beat.

With any type of change it does take a little getting used to. But when you see how easy and versatile Gmail and Google+ are you will be glad that you are using them.

Think about how easy it will be to quickly connect with a sales team member out in the field. Or you can call a staff meeting at any time, just by sending out invitations to your staff members on Gmail.

Many businesses are switching their email programs to Gmail because of all the new features and the functionality of it. Gmail makes it so easy to connect with all of your employees or colleagues regardless of their location. Plus with so many people telecommuting using Hangouts is a great way to stay connected to the office.

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