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Popular Methods of Paid Traffic

Generating traffic to your website is extremely important for anyone marketing their business, offline or online. The sole purpose of your website is to generate sales or leads and this can only be achieved by getting visitors to your site. Obviously the more visitors you have the more traffic you receive and this in turn creates a website which is profitable.

Paid traffic methods are one of the best ways to get more visitors to your site. This is because it offers much faster results than using free traffic sources.

The main paid traffic sources that are used by the majority of marketers today are as follows.

Pay Per Click Advertising
This is referred to as PPC traffic and is one of the top paid traffic programs used. Basically you are paying for your advertisements using a pay per click basis. You sign up to a specific company and they will show your ad on various websites. You only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. The amount of money you pay will usually depend on the popularity of the keyword you have used, the more popular words will require a higher payment.

Ezine and Solo Ads
This is a type of email marketing where you pay the list owner for the opportunity of sending out an email ad to their list. The owner will have strict guidelines for the type of advertising they allow to their list. Usually it is to receive a free gift in return.

This type of advertising method is best used in conjunction with a landing page. This is a page that the visitor fills out with their email address in order to access their gift.

You can find solo ad providers by searching online. Ezines are simply newsletter type magazines which are sent out via email on a weekly or monthly basis. There are thousands of available ezines and newsletters, so look for suitable ones in your niche that have lots of subscribers.

Other Paid Advertising Methods
In this category we should include paid press releases, text links and banner ads. All of these can produce great results for your website. These may not be as expensive as using a PPC method and can often be a good way for a beginner to use as a paid traffic method.

Using paid traffic can sometimes be confusing but if you take the time to research this topic you can find plenty of solid information on the subject. Always remember to plan out your campaign and to set a budget. This way you will not be in for any surprises!

A good way to get started is to use a combination of free and paid traffic sources until you have seen results, you can then increase your paid traffic campaign.

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