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I was wondering if you've ever thought about using printable content in your business?

I recently read a post by the lovely Alice Seba from Publish for Prosperity where she shared some brilliant ideas on how offering your visitors something tangible that they can actually touch can help you increase your conversions and sales!

In it she goes over some of the reasons why people love printables, like worksheets, planners and journals. She also shares some great tips that will help you figure out how you can easily incorporate them into your content strategy to to boost your opt-in rates!

My main take-away from this post is, that printable content is a great way to increase the perceived value of your offers and make your visitor feel like you're providing them with something tangible that will help them achieve their goals. In my book this is a win/win strategy well worth using!

Are you curious to see how you can use printable content in your business?
You can read her full post here

Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate you and I hope you have a wonderful day,
Lisa M Cope
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