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The Bare Bones of a Google+ Hangout

You have probably heard about Google+ Hangouts but are feeling a little intimidated on using them. Not to worry many people have the same fears and using Hangouts is not that difficult. The worst part is just getting started.

To get started with Google+ Hangouts you will want to create a Google+ account. This is quick and simple to use and if you have a Gmail account the same details and photo are used.

When you invite people to your Hangout they will receive an email notification that your Hangout is about to start. If they don’t have an account they will receive instructions on how to set one up.

There are several ways to hold a Hangout and one of the best ways is to start with a message Hangout. This can be done right inside your Gmail account and is the same has sharing text messages. The only difference is that you can invite up to 100 of your friends to your Hangout and you can all join in on the conversation.

Even if your guests aren’t able to attend your Hangout they can still join in the conversation at a later date. The great thing about Hangouts is that they are accessible on all platforms and that your conversation follows you. So if you start chatting on your iPhone and end up at home on your computer you can easily continue where you left off.

In order to use Hangouts from inside your Gmail account you will need to download and install a plugin. Just follow the directions and you are literally done within a couple of seconds. If you use Google Chrome then download the Google+ Hangouts extension.

After installation you will be directed to synch your Google+ account with your YouTube account, again a simple process. You need to complete this step so that your Hangouts on Air are automatically uploaded to your YouTube account.

This step eliminates the need for editing and adding a sound track to your videos and then manually uploading them to your YouTube account. Just make sure you add a good description to your video along with any relevant keywords. Depending on your purpose with your Hangout video you may want to create specific playlists for them.

Take the time today and learn just how to use Google+ Hangouts and you will be on your way to generating more exposure for your business.

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