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One good form of paid traffic is to buy and sell ads. If you are looking to generate traffic to your site you will want to look for places where you can buy advertising space. On the other hand if you want to make money from advertising you can sell advertising space on your website.

We will concentrate on buying ads in this article as a way to drive traffic back to your site or offer. One of the easiest ways to get people to your site is to give them something for free. This could be a book, report, video or even a collection of photos or graphics.

The best way to set up your offer is to create a landing page for your ad. Do this first before you actually buy any advertising space on a website. Create a landing page and have your offer ready to go.
Your next step is to create a simple ad, your ad length will depend upon where you are advertising your site. So now is the time to start looking for places where you can buy advertising space.

Buy and Sell Ads is one place that offers reasonable rates. One thing to take note of is to look for available advertising space that is currently not in use. When premium website space is empty the webmaster is not making any money. Sometimes you can place an ad quickly at a much cheaper rate and still see some decent traffic in return.

When looking for suitable places take a look to see what niches they offer and make sure that your site is relevant. For example with Buy and Sell Ads they have tons of niches including pets, business, marketing, sports, travel and more.

Get a feel for the site by reading the ads and you can even see what type of offers they are promoting. This way you can get a good feel if what you had in mind will work.

Your next step is to read the specifics for creating an ad and follow them, pay attention to word length and the type of offers which are allowed. Then simply create your account and set up your advertising offer.

Don’t forget to always test your ads and check in daily to see your results. Any good company will have an easy to use interface that is user friendly and suited to beginners and experienced marketers alike.

For anyone who wants to jump start their business, using paid traffic sources is a great solution. However, if you have never paid for traffic before getting started this may be a little daunting. This article will cover the basics of what you can expect when starting out with paid traffic for the first time.

First you want to understand what paid traffic methods are available. Some of the top ones that you may recognize are Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Banner Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

As you will see many of the top social sites are offering their own advertising methods. These methods only apply to their sites so remember this, but when you think about how large Facebook and LinkedIn are, you can see that these are a great traffic source to tap into.

With any paid advertising method you will have to set up an account with the program that you choose to use. Along with this you will have to provide them with a payment method for your ads. This is normally a credit card so you need to have one that you can use for your business. It is advisable to have a credit card that is dedicated to business expenses, easier for doing your taxes at the end of the year.

Inside your account you will have the ability to create your ads and then set up a limit for what you want to spend each day. This is very important and will ensure that you don’t overspend on ads that aren’t working.

To create a good ad you will want to perform keyword research for your site. You should have a good idea of what keywords you are targeting. To see which keywords your visitors are using use Google Analytics or log into the Awstats section of your web hosting company. Then use these keywords in your ads to get even more traffic.

You need to have a goal in mind before starting any advertising campaign. Are you looking to create sales, get people to sign up to your email list or to like your Facebook page? These are all great goals and will help deliver more traffic to your site.

The above are the basics that you will need to get started with using paid traffic sources. Be sure to look for other methods such as banner advertising and using text

The topic of paid traffic is large and can be confusing for anyone just starting out with it. While you may feel a little overwhelmed about how to go about using this traffic method it is not that difficult to learn. You definitely want to take the time to learn the basics of paid traffic and the various platforms that you can use to advertise.

There are many ways to use paid traffic and some of the most popular include using Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Banner advertising and making use of mobile marketing.

You may be wondering if this is a viable marketing method that you should be using. This is a common concern for many marketers and how do you know when it is time to start paying for your traffic?

One of the reasons people decide to pay for traffic is to see results faster. You may be running a special offer and want to get this in front of as many people as possible. Other reasons include that your site is just not getting enough traffic or you are tired of waiting for all the free traffic methods to take effect.

Before diving into paid traffic you need to determine what you can comfortably afford to spend on advertising. Then look for appropriate places to advertise. Instead of using Google Adwords right away it may make more sense to buy and ad on a major website.

Another idea is to write an article and then pay a more prominent site to advertise it for you. This method can really help ramp up your traffic and don’t forget that this would be a permanent link on a top blog. Your post or article will be available for years to come and could potentially be a traffic generation method for years as well.

It is always recommended to start out with a small advertising campaign at first. Then as you get more experienced you can increase the amount of money you want to use for advertising.

Another aspect of using paid traffic is to have a way to track your efforts and your results. Why spend money on advertising if you don’t know if it is generating your desired goals?

If you use something like Google Adwords or Bing Ads inside your account you will have access to performance reports. You should monitor these carefully and make adjustments as necessary.

Using paid traffic methods is easy just research your preferred method and always start slowly with a small campaign.