VidInfusion Demo & Review

VidInfusion Demo Review

Hi there…This quick demo for VidInfusion, so you can see it in action from a users point of view! Read below for a few things you should test out.

Video Test #1


- I grabbed one of the VidInfusion training videos right from YouTube and added my own links and logo.

What to look for….

- There is a “Get more info” menu that comes down when you hover of the video.  When you click on it, it directs you straight to the sales page through my affiliate link.

- Watch – 30 seconds in a call to action button will pop up. If you click back you can continue watching. Again, if you click the button you are directed straight to the sales page through my affiliate link.

- Try it both ways and you’ll see the huge potential of this software!

- You’ll also notice that I added my own logo to the video. *excuse the pixels it was a quick edit!

- Check out the social share buttons. The make it super easy for people to share your promos right from inside the video! Love it!!!

Video Test #2

What to look for….

- First, I changed the video skin & dropped the logo. So easy to do whit this software!

- There are now two menu buttons – Notice when you hover over the video. Click on either one and the video will stop and pop up a customizable call to action page that you can redirect to anywhere you want.

- 20 seconds in a subscription form will pop up. Feel free to test it out. It’s only a demo you won’t be added to an active list! 

This feature alone makes it a powerful way to build leads, make sales and
generate traffic to your websites?

Click Here To Check Out All The Juicy Details!

Still need more details? Here’s a Full Break Down:

It’s a web-based application, that is going to make your video marketing campaigns
SUPER profitable for your business.  It will enable you to….

- Select any YouTube or Vimeo Video
- Add Logo & Video Player Style (Awesome Styles)
- Add Interactive Sliding Menu Buttons
- Add Timed Call-to-action & Optin Form & Website redirect Pop ups.
- Add Social Share Buttons & Viral Video Features
- Post to Social Networks
- Also generates a unique video embed code to embed to any website! That is how I added it to this post!

I could keep on raving about all of the wonderful things this software can do, but the best way for you to see its full power is to check it out yourself. Granted you will have to buy it to do that, but rest assured that it has a complete 100% money back guarantee, so if it’s not everything you think it should be just ask foe a full refund. The support team is great!

I hope this demo has helped you decide whether or not  VidInfusion is right for your business. If you have any questions please just ask!

Have a fantastic day and profitable day,
Lisa M Cope

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Exploring Facebook for Business – Free Video Training

So, we know that Facebook is a great place for business owners
of all types to start marketing their business!

But the simple fact is it’s confusing. With so much information available you would think that it would be easy, but knowing where to start and what to do can feel sort of like walking into a
Big Brick Wall!Réseau social, style tag“This information overload is what keeps so many business owners from
being successful when it comes to marketing on FaceBook.”

In the video below Justin Seeley introduces you to the basics of setting up a Facebook account exclusively for business use and building out your page in a way that clearly identifies your brand.

>>> You can watch two more videos from Justin’s course for free here <<<

In the rest of his course he shows you how to post interesting meaningful posts and status updates, and identify winning strategies for building and maintaining a thriving community.

You’ll learn all about:

  • Planning your pages
  • Choosing a good web address for your page
  • Engaging your community with status updates, photos, and video
  • Creating events and scheduling posts
  • Creating ads, choosing a target audience, and bidding effectively
  • Using Insights to track likes, post reach, page visits, and more
  • Monitoring and responding to comments and messages
  • Setting permissions and monitoring activities
  • Integration with other social apps, including Twitter and Pinterest

This fully revised course includes detailed information on creating ads and promoted posts, and shows how to use Facebook Insights to track your reach, page visits, and even the performance of your competitors.

He even shows you how to update your page on the go with the Facebook Pages Manager app, and tie your Facebook page into other platforms like Pinterest and Twitter.

I hope you enjoy it,

Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.

Instant Profit Silos Review

Realistic Passive Income With 2 hour set-up!

Instant Profit Silos from Mark Bishop is a genuinely easy system that lets you set up product silos that generate passive streams of income (sometimes within hours).

Now from the example video below you can see that this isn’t a get rich quick scheme and your not going to be a millionaire overnight, but you will learn how to set up multiple passive income streams that will bring you consistent profits over time, which is a (really) good thing!

Watch this quick demo and you see how Marks simple system turns 88 cents into $50
from a brand new silo in less than four days.

Get the full scoop here!

Here are a few of main benefits that caught my eye:

  • It’s a simple twist on an old school method makes it ridiculously simple for anyone to make money. (wish I had thought of it!)
  • An easy to replicate 2 hour system for making consistent affiliate commissions almost hands free.
  • Requires No SEO, No Content Production, Very little Time and very Little Investment!

Once you purchase you will have access to an easy to follow video training course that details a Mark’s unique twist on making money from eager niche markets. Most of the time within a few hours. It’s broken down into bite sized videos with accompanying written instructions that detail every step of the process.


It takes just 2 hours to build each project and after that it requires little to NO maintenance to maintain. This has to be one of the easiest and replicable formulas I have seen over the last few years and bet you’ll think so too!

At the time I’m writing this it’s a dime-sale deeply discounted for the launch, but I’m not sure how long that’s going to last, so if you want to get the best price possible go take a peek ASAP!
Click here for all the juicy details about Instant Profit Silos

I think you’ll like it,
Lisa M Cope

Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.

Social Post Suite Review

What is Social Post Suite?

This (very cool) software adds the power of lead capture pages directly into your Facebook posts and to make it even better keeps it in your Timeline so you don’t lose the traffic to external links!


In a Hurry…..

This has the potential to change the way you do any type of marketing, on Facebook for GOOD…

When it comes to Facebook Marketing there are so many tools that can help maximize your
results, but if you’re looking for a great LEAD GENERATION tool that helps you turn traffic into buyers then you will really like this…..

Take a few minutes and watch this into video

>>> Watch the Complete Video Demo & Get More Details Here <<<


Fact is… only a small percentage of users will ever click through your links on Facebook and an even smaller amount of them will fill out your forms and subscribe to your lists. There are just too many steps and before you can seal the deal they lose interest and wander off the the next shiny object they see. It’s sad but true!

“This software puts the power of lead capture forms right in your Facebook Timeline Posts
so you don’t lose the traffic to external links!”

- No Programming or Tech Skills Required -

Main features:

  •  You can post and schedule your lead generating content right to your Facebook Page Timeline and capture leads without external links to subscription forms!
  • It’s Desktop Software that’s extremely easy to set up and connect to your Facebook Pages!
  • It can be used on BOTH PC and Mac!
  • The cost is crazy-low compared to the other alternatives (one-time payment)

The redirect button works great.
Check out my Facebook test post!
social post suite

Temporary Downside: Currently the subscription form only works with Aweber & Getresponse but I have been in touch with support and they assure me that they are working on adding other autoresponders too!

In conclusion, Social Post Suite is a great tool that has the potential to bring in a ton of new leads for your business from Facebook. Click here to get more info about  Social Post Suite

I really like it and I think you will too!
Lisa :)

WP Hercules by Brett Ingram

This powerful plugin will help you build beautiful looking optin and sales pages in
under 5 minutes from right inside your WordPress dashboard with no tech skills.

Watch Brett’s video and check out the samples here

Here is a quick snapshot from the salespage.
wpherculesHere are a few of it’s really cool features:

- It has a built in sales funnel technology that lets you control visitor flow.

- It works with all major autoresponders like Aweber, GetResponse,  MailChimp, iContact, ConstantContact, GVO, Listwire and more!

- It has a delayed content feature that lets you add timed events like buy buttons, coupons, or anything else yo want!

- You can add social sharing icons to any page or post  with  just one click.

- It is preloaded with fonts, cool graphics, boxes, buttons and  more.

*This is a very small sampling  of the pre-installed graphics included:

There are a bunch more!

WP Hercules may seem like a simple little plugin, but it has so many powerful features there is no way to list them all here.  So go check out the video, get all the juicy details and grab your copy ASAP! Right now it is less than the cost of a good pizza but I am not sure how long that will last!