Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan – Free Training

Free training – Seeing how the medium affects the message
From: Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan with Matt Bailey

In this short video training you’re going to  be introduced the importance of developing an
integrated marketing plan.

You’ll also learn that all social media is not created equally and that the way yo use it is what
really leads to more conversions from your campaigns.

intergrated_social_marketingThis is part of a complete course at that teaches you how to integrate all the moving parts of a successful marketing strategy including email, social media, search, and more which is a critical skill for any businesses large or small.

Topics include:

  • Assessing your resources and budget
  • Developing your brand’s narrative
  • Avoiding mixing mediums
  • Marketing via search, email, and blog posts
  • Reaching fans on social media
  • Integrating video
  • Researching the market
  • Publishing content
  • Reviewing your success

Check out the rest of the course. There are several more videos available that you can watch absolutely free so that you can decide whether or not it can help your business!

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Mascot Creator Review

Hello there,

Topic: Custom Mascots in seconds!

This brand new bundle was created by Maulana Malik a highly talented designer and it has
tons of possibilities when you mix it with your creativity.

Here is a quick promo I made for to help introduce you to it:

*Please ignore the call to action at the end, thats for my YouTube viewers – You’re already here :)

Fact: Companies big and small spend a small fortune every day on having custom mascots created to represent them. If you have ever shelled out big bucks for custom design work then you know it’s not cheap. Fortunately products like this one make it easy for us to create are own professional looking mascots without investing our hard earned cash.

Here are a few things that caught my eye about the Mascot Creator Bundle:

- You can use to create your own custom mascot for any niche or industry  in few clicks!
- Create the same mascot with several different expressions like happy, sad mad or confused!
- The black and white hand drawn style mascot are great for white board videos!
- The black and white images are easy to color for even more possibilities.
- It’s super easy to use with Photoshop or a similar programs like Gimp.

It includes 5 basic color mascots:

1And five black and white mascots:


“I know that really doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is when you use you imagination
and unleash your creativity. “

You can change anything for an unlimited number of custom mascots. You can create cool dudes with purple hair, happy cooks holding a menu board, doctors, lawyers, teachers plumbers. You get the idea right?

4You don’t need and special skills or expertise. If you have a basic understanding of how to work with a graphics editor then you can use it right away. All you have to do is open up the image files and turn features on and off. Mix and match to your hearts content. That’s it really!

6The package comes with a  TON of Powerful Marketing Graphics that you can use over and
over again to make infographics, promo materials and more! There are literally 15 folders full of
ready to use graphics available in this bundle, so even if you never even create your own unique mascot you will sill be getting a ton of value!

what_you_GetAs I’m writing this there is a massive 75% discount for the launch, but I’m not sure how long the price is going to remain this crazy low, so if you want to create professional looking mascot
characters under a minute, and get access to all of the cool graphics then Mascot Creator Bundle is a nice option.


Get all the juicy details and check out Mascot Creator ASAP!

Thanks for reading,
Need help of have questions please let me know!

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The Importance of List Building

Hello there,

Topic: List Building

You’ve probably heard more than one marketer talk about how the money is in your list and that you have to have build one if you want your business to be profitable, but do you really understand the real value in list building for your own business?mailing list

You do your research and decide to promote a specific product that offers a nice commission. Then you do a little test campaign, make a few sales and decide it’s a winner so you set up a website dedicated to just this one product. You spend time and money promoting it all over the place and a steady stream of sales starts to come in. All you focus on is driving traffic to your affiliate link, because it’s profitable.

Then one morning you wake up and find out that your income stream has dried up and affiliate marketing gone bustpayments have stopped and you have no idea what happened. You do a little digging, contact the company only to find out they have stopped selling that product, quit using affiliates or have completely gone out of business without any warning or notice at all!

Even though you may have sold hundreds of products to happy customers you have no idea who they are and how to contact them. Your income stream literally and completely disappeared over night leaving you back a t square one. Can you guess why?

Yes, it’s because you didn’t build your email list!

Now let’s look at this from a new perspective. You go through the entire process, pick a product, build a website and market it everywhere only this time you take it one-step further by adding a landing page with an opt-in form.

optin form example
“This little is form is your golden ticket to contact people who are interested in the types of products you are promoting”
All you have to do is get them to fill it out!

As visitors arrive on your site, you can lure them in with valuable information to presell the product or service you’re promoting. You can do this by offering them a little gift as enticement in exchange for submitting the form. This could be a video review or a short report with more information about the product or an extra bonus if they purchase through your link.

These people are then added to your own private mailing list, separate from the company you’re promoting and you can feel free to contact them anytime you have new information to share.

???????????????????????????????????????Now when you wake up to the news that your product is no longer available, the affiliate program is gone or the business has gone bust then you don’t worry about losing your customers, you simply replace product A with product a new similar product B. Then send out an email telling all your subscribers that you’ve discovered this great product that they will love.


Another great thing about building you list is that you can develop a lasting relationship with email profits your customers by emailing them regularly and providing them with great information. Once they know, like and trust you they will gladly follow your recommendations, which is one of the best ways to ensure a continuous stream of income for your business.

Hopefully this little post has helped you understand the importance of building your
email list!

Why not start yours today?

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!
Happy list building,
Lisa :)

Instant Video Templates V3 – Review

Hello there,

Topic: Hands Down… one of the easiest most inexpensive way to make profitable marketing videos for any business in just a few minutes with software you already have!

If you have been reading my emails and posts for a while you know I’m a sucker for templates!  I like anything that makes my job easier and the new V3 pack of Instant Video Templates is a winner in my book.

I Made This Little Promo Video In Less Than 20 Minutes!

It wouldn’t have taken that long but I pulled in my own cartoon character that got from Dollar Photo Club (which is awesome BTW) and I had to crop and edit it to get it ready to add to the template. After that it was all easy peasy!

Here are a few of the things I like about them:

- They are so easy to use…

- They work with PowerPoint, Open Office, Keynote and more.

- They come with full video training and some cool bonuses too!

- No fancy or expensive software necessary!

You simply open them up in your preferred software like PowerPoint, Open Office or Keynote and edit the text change any of the image you want then render your finished master piece as a video upload and start sharing! You can even pull the templates into Video FX (check out my review here) if you want to get a little more fancy!

Instant Video Templates V3

What you get:

- 14 Brand New animated video templates

You can use them to create professional looking marketing videos that convert like crazy in a matter of minutes.

- Animated and ready to go

Each template comes with it’s own animated headlines, testimonials, characters, objects, backgrounds, sound effects, background music and more!

- Over 140 video graphic elements

You can mix an match them to create all kinds of videos on a just about any topic you can think of.

- Step by step video tutorials

In them you will learn how to get started quickly and you’ll also learn some cool tricks for making the most out of your templates.


As I am writing this the launch price for Instant Video Templates V3 is still extremely low in fact you can get your hands on all of the templates for less than a dollar each, but I’m not sure how long its going to stay that way, so go take a peek ASAP!

Get it now buttonIf you understand the power of video and want to add some cool templates to your arsenal then I think you’ll really like them,
Need help of have questions please let me know!

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RunClick Webinar And Video Conferencing

Hello There,

Topic: Run Unlimited Webinars – With Unlimited Attendees
& No Monthly Fees.

“Even if have never recorded a video in your life!”

In case you haven’t noticed webinars are huge and big name marketers have started using hangouts as an easy, effective way of reaching their audience and to explode their bottom lines.  Now you can tap into this power in a way that is simple, fast and extremely affordable!

Lets take a look at a few things that grabbed my attention:

You can use any video and RunClick will create a Webinar Funnel for you. This makes creating EverGreen Presentations simply by dropping in pre-recorded videos a breeze! This give you the ability to offer unlimited events, with unlimited seats on an unlimited number of sites – for one incredibly low price.

Take a look at how easy it is to get started!

It’s most powerful features are:

  • It installs on your own website giving you complete control.
  • Works seamlessly with Google Hangouts
  • You can have the entire system setup in less than 10 minutes (starting from scratch)
  • It has an incredible built in lead capture and follow up system.
  • It also integrates with popular autoresponders like Aweber, Getresponse and more.
  • Social sharing is built in to  help make your webinars go viral.
  • Run non-stop replays. You never have to run a live webinar if you don’t want to.
  • Set it to play instantly or a specific times.
  • Sit in and chat with viewers in real time if you want to build engagement.
  • Works with any video! Hint: PLR works great!
  • It’s an easy to install WordPress plugin!

It installs in 3 Easy Steps!


Bottom line: Run Click is a tool that you can use to build your lists, sell more products  and increase your profits in a way that people respond too! You can use it to develop your brand and increase your reach by offering your consumers real value in a way that connects them to your business.

As I am writing this you can get this incredible tool for a very affordable price with no expensive monthly fees.

Take a look at how it compares to the popular GoToWebinar platform!

Run_Click_Comparison_TableTake your business to a new level by tapping into the incredible power of webinars and Google Hangouts and you will enjoy all of the SEO rankings that come along with them. It will change your online marketing and your business in a big way!

Special_Offer_RunClick_Webinar Footnote: The launch special is over, but you can still get the RunClick Webinar plugin before it goes up to it’s commercial pricing with ongoing monthly fees if you hurry!

If you have any questions please let me know.
I’m here to help,
Lisa M . Cope

Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.