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A Little Planning Tip – Create a Weekly Template

Hello and welcome,

I learned a quick little planning tip and I wanted to share it with you.

Tip: Create a Weekly Template

This is something very simple that can help make your weekly planning so much easier. Create a template that has all your regular weekly obligations and appointments already filled in. This will save you time writing them in every week and it will help make sure you don't forget them!

For example if you plan to go to the gym four times a week. Then pick the same four days and times. You'll be MUCH more likely to get that done when the time is already blocked out for it, than if it's a random fill-in every week.

You might forget, push it aside for other things that come up or just decide it's not important enough to do (it is, but when it's not already solid in your mind, it's easier to push aside). So, create a weekly template with those commitments filled and then you can quickly plan your week around them.

You may have weekly client meetings, weekly blog posts to write, daily emails to write. Fill it in, create a template and work from there.

Where did I learn this time saving tip?

From the lovely Angela Wills of Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.  If you want to learn even more great things that can help you grow your business, you can join the the club here Use the coupon code [ lifecantwait ] to save half off your first month!

Hope to see you there! Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate you,
Lisa M Cope
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